Dhaba in restaurant Moment to eat by sodexo

Tradicional indian vegetarian cuisine

a4_layout_open_dhaba_beas_momentto-jpg_02-05-2017_09-49-06.jpg Dhaba Beas comes from traditional Indian vegetarian cuisine, Does not use meat, fish, eggs, or products that contain them. Every day is cooked from the ground, without any blanks and with responsibility.
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The concept offers a compact offer of packed sandwiches, baguettes, pasta, fruit, vegetable ..


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Contact and Opening hours

Restaurant manager

Jan Srnec

P: 222533912
E: provoz.citytower.fms.cz@sodexo.com

Opening hours

restaurant8:00 – 14:00
cafe aspretto - Mon - Fri7:30 – 15:00


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